Architecture and Fashion who influences who?

Boundaries of space are not always as easily defined as we expect, the further you look into the boundaries the more un-clear they become. In this weeks blog I am going to look into how the boundaries between interior and exterior an can become blurred through the architectural influences on fashion. However both can have a cohesive link to each other. The forms that are created in fashion collections create great innovative architectural ideas.

Hussein Chalayan’s latest collection explores the ideas of negative space through his garments, the simple elastic material forms and sculpts around the bodies creating an inner void between the two beings. 


Above is a caption from his latest collection, The material creates a negative area between the models, but how would you defined this area of space? It could be classed as an Interior space, an area that is contained between something or an exterior space due to the open structures. When twisted and adjusted together the garments create a smaller void and explores various shapes. Some of which can be created into innovative structural architecture styles.His design styles are very innovative, In his 2000 collection he looked at how interior structures can become mechanics for fashion wear. Chair covers and coffee tables were converted into dresses and wearable exterior fashion.

 districtofchic_viktorrolf-002     viktor-rolf-da-biennale-l-art-painting-alla-parigi-haute-couture-15327990064712x19671200x500

When researching into more designers that look at interior influences, Viktor and Rolf’s 2015 collection arose. They looked at how wall paintings can be transformed into extravagant dresses. The Paris couture show visualised the duo removing the paintings from the wall and applying them as garments among the models. The framework of the paintings creates a fantastic structural form among the garments. Their work explores how an object usually contained within in an interior becomes and exterior garment structure. The garments work of the architectural elements of the objects, creating an obscure form among the body. The designs are intrinsic and innovative. Paintings are clearly an interior item when visualised on the body does it change it’s definition to exterior?

I find the blurred lines between the boundaries of space interesting, although they can be complicated and hard to determine, there are reasons to the differences in opinions. 


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