Biophilic Design

Sustainability- the endurance of systems and processes. Sustainable design is an important factor among architectural design, high attention and consideration should be paid to the design element to create effective design implications which in the long run will improve the environment. Biophilic design, is a design method that is influenced by natural forms and materials. This design method introduces the natural world surrounding us into areas of design, this can be through the introduction of plant materials, through associative shapes or increased access to natural light. Oliver Heath is an expert among the field of sustainable architectural and interior design. He highlights the importance of health and well being and how positive adjustments can be implemented among the built environment. Heath (no-date) During a presentation at the surface design show, Oliver discussed the relevance of creating a healthier space to live and work in. He discusses how a ‘human centred’ approach increases 90% of the typical operating costs throughout a company. By creating significant changes amongst the working environment there is a noticeable adjustment in productivity and creativity. Sustainable design is an important factor among society nowadays. I believe that in order to replicate the idea of good design, there should be attention given to the sustainable functioning of the environments. Biophilc design is a simple effective way of improving health and well being and creating a better functioning environment.

This also got me thinking about other design methods that resolve environmental issues. I had read an article a few weeks ago, that discusses a very interesting idea. The “First amphibious house, can float on floodwater like a boat on a dock” Winston (2014) This ambitious house has been designed to rise with the water and to adjust to flood levels on the Thames, the architects were chosen due to the extensive knowledge they already had within the area. They had been working on projects involving Long-term initiatives for flood-risk environments. Richard Coutts Baca co-founder explains that “During the flood event the whole house will raise gently like a boat and will keep all of the habitable spaces safe above the flood level,” Winston (2014) this clever sustainable solution responded too issues of overcrowding and provides a solution for those who are unfortunate to be designated in a high-flood risk area. I very much recommend reading this article as it highlights how the construction of the house implements the changes in response to adjustments in water levels and expresses some interesting points among architectural design.


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