Pavegen- Renewable energy methods (IEPP)

Climate change is on the rise and the effects of the untold usage of fossil fuels is becoming ever ending. Renewable energy resources are the next step for us to start contributing to resolving these issues. Pavegen is a sustainable company that created a technical new solution to sustainability within the built environment. Their new paving slab design stores and uses the kinetic energy produced by ourselves daily. The paving slabs utilise the power of our footsteps to contribute to a greater environmental goal. All of their innovations are contributing to the smart cities. The weight of footsteps causes electromagnetic induction generators to vertically displace, resulting in a rotatory motion that generates off-grid electricity. The tiles allow for real-time movement data analysis, whilst also producing power when and where it is needed.  ‘footfall harvesting’ could become a thing of future generations. Think of the un-told footfall over Oxford Circus and the extremity of the ever growing population within the city. This resourceful energy solution could become the next step for cities energy solutions. Imagine the shops that could be partially powered by just the energy used in our day to day lives. Walking is a motion that doesn’t require a conscious feedback response, we do it naturally. So why not take advantage of the energy we already use. Pavegen have completed projects for educational purposes, promotional and event installations. Their projects range in style and purpose one of which is a pop up stand at a festival that charges phones form the festival goers dancing vibrations upon the tiles. This green promotion utilised the energy the festival goers already exhibited and shown people the benefits of such technology. They also provided a lighting solution for the London Olympics that used the energy from the Olympic visitors to light the way over the bridge from the station to the Olympic park. Each slab produced and stored energy, a small led spot light on each slab lit up with every step and the rest of the energy was transferred into larger led lights that ran parallel to the bridge to the park. It was here that the slabs really served a function. People were able to realise their effects by acknowledging the small led light transmitted from their step. Each of Pavegen’s designs are experiential they utilise fun innovative ideas to raise awareness of kinetic effects. They have done work across the cities so maybe soon this will become a more frequently used concept. What Pavegen have done themselves makes you think just how much more could be implemented into our day to day life that will have a direct impact on our environment. Utilising more of these design methods will help us as a society contribute to saving and restoring the environmental issues.


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